What to expect on this walk:

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🌊 Buckstones Jump 🌊

This 2.6 mile out and back route was a huge success with my children! They may have complained all the way there but on the way back down all I heard was “this was the best day ever” and “can we come back tomorrow.” I knew that they would love the pool at the top, it was well worth all the complaining 🙌🏻

Based in Rydal, postcode LA22 9LX, you are able to park at Rydal Hall car park. Walking through Rydal Hall you then head northwards through Rydal Hall campsite and along the bank of the river. There are so many beautiful waterfalls to admire on the way up. You then cross the river and continue northwards until Buckstones Jump appears on your right.

The walk up from the car park is approximately 1.3 miles and we took our swimming things to enjoy the pool to paddle in. You also get stunning views over Windermere ⛰😍❤️

We then headed back down to Rydal making this a 2.6 mile route. The children had a fantastic time and it is a great walk to link in with so many other things – you could explore the beautiful gardens, or enjoy the tea room, at Rydal Hall.