Rydal Caves

Rydal Pelter Bridge Car Park, postcode LA22 9LR.

1.6 mile out and back route, not pram accessible up to the caves. You would be able to take a pram from the car park down to Rydal Water, I will review this walk at a later date.

Rydal Caves is such a lovely, easy walk with kids. We are always a big fan of walks with car parking close by to the attraction – we find the children start to whinge a little if they have to walk a few miles before actually reaching the walk highlight. However, for this walk it is less than a mile to the caves and they are always such a hit – they never get old!! Each time we visit the children are always amazed and excited over them.

I cannot wait for when they are older and we can venture here in the dark.

Strongly recommend this walk for those with all different age groups, the walk isn’t too far for the little legs but the caves themselves offer a great place to explore for all ages.

hiking household