The Hiking Household is designed to be a go-to guide for families
of all abilities who are keen to get outside with their brood!

Don’t forget if you are local to the area follow the Tikes Hikes tab at the top to be directed to our weekly walking group. 

Whether you have one baby, two toddlers or are a family of 6, like myself, The Hiking Household is here to offer you some fresh ideas. I hope that it is able to aid you and your family to get outside more, and most importantly enjoy your time outdoors together! 

Parenthood is full of ups and downs, often feeling at your highest one moment and your lowest the next. Exercise, and being outside in general, has been shown to drastically improve your health and mental well being. I hope that The Hiking Household is able to show you and your family that being outdoors is not only great for the children, but it also improves your mood and the quality of your family time. 

A little about me: I am a Mum to four young children five and under and a wife to an offshore husband. I have been a stay at home mum for nearly six years now and I have found during this time that when I am outside with my children nothing seems as difficult, they can be as noisy and boisterous as they like! Not to mention the many health benefits that coincide with being outdoors! I hope you enjoy getting to know me and my family a little more and are able to make use of the family friendly walks that I have provided around Cumbria and the Lake District! Please don’t be put off if you feel you aren’t much of a walker or an ‘outdoorsy’ family – most of these walks are very basic and manageable for all abilities 🙂 

Please do get in contact if you have any queries, would like to know more about any of the walks or have any walks you would like to suggest ?

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The Hiking Household | Cumbria
The Hiking Household | Cumbria
The Hiking Household | Cumbria