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Summer Holiday Ideas:

*As heard on Radio Cumbria*

The Hiking Household have put together a round up of family activities that are available for families to enjoy this summer.

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Whether you have one baby, two toddlers or are a family of 6, like myself, The Hiking Household is here to offer you some fresh ideas to aid you, and your family, to get outside more.

The family friendly walks that are provided on this website are here to help you enjoy your local area. Don’t be put off if you feel you aren’t much of a walker or an ‘outdoorsy’ family, we have walks to cater for all abilities.

Please do get in touch here if you have any queries and would like to know more about any of the walks.

If you are interested in working alongside The Hiking Household then visit our Work With Us page to learn more about our Community Interest Company and how we are working with local organisations to increase activity levels throughout Cumbria.