Here at The Hiking Household we know just how hard parenthood can be, both physically and mentally.
We have listed some fantastic organisations below that we think are incredibly helpful in supporting our mental, and physical, health.
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Remember: be kind to yourself, life with children isn’t always easy.

Local Health Links →

Active Cumbria Walking for Health:

Buggy Fit Cockermouth:

Carlisle City Green Spaces:

Cumbria Family Support:

Family Action Buggy Walks within Cumbria:


Tale Trails fun, local story walks:

Watchtree Nature Reserve:

WeCan Wellbeing Centre:

 National Health Links →

Blaze Trails:

Junior Park Run:

Sport England:

Cosmic Yoga:

Forestry England:

National Trust:

Wheelpower Workouts for young people:

Limbpower activity ideas, supporting young amputees and their families:

Youth Sport Trust:

Resources from Youth Sport trust can be found here

NHS Healthier Families Resource:

50 ways forest and outdoor learning experiences benefit child development: an extremely useful guide, click here to read more.

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