Wreay Wood

This 2.5 mile walk is wonderful for children who enjoy water! It follows the River Petteril and you dip in and out of woodlands as you walk.

We parked in a small car park just off the M6 south roundabout. Take the road for Dalston at the roundabout and you are able to park in the picnic area on your left. From here follow the public footpath under the motorway and onto the reserve. Alternatively, you could park at Scalesceugh car park off the A6 road to Penrith and do the walk from here going in the opposite direction (postcode CA4 0BT). You can’t go wrong with directions for this walk as you just follow the course of the River Petteril.

The children always have such fun on this walk as there is so much for them to see and do! There are plenty of boardwalks to stomp over and trees to climb. We even found a tree swing!

This walk isn’t pram accessible, the paths are very muddy at times so do take care! Some of the path close to the picnic area side has also been closed off due to river damage, it may be best to explore from the Scalesceugh side until this is fixed!

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