Vulcan Park, Workington.

Why we love this park? 

Vulcan park can be found on Park Lane, postcode: CA14 2QA. This 14 acre town centre park is situated in the centre of Workington making it accessible to all. The park is only a ten minute walk from the centre of town and it is a fantastic place to let your children enjoy the great outdoors. The wide, tarmac paths make this an ideal walk for those with a pushchair, or wheelchair. There is also a lovely little play area, which is fenced off making it even safer for our little ones. If you have children of older ages you can also find a playing field, basketball court and a small agility course. There really is something for all ages here.

We love this day out for the incredible facilities and accessible paths on offer. With a children’s play area, bowling green, lawns for picnics and much more, there really is something for all ages to enjoy here. For more details please head to the bottom of this page and view our Strava map where you will find a network of different routes to enjoy. 

The Route:

There are a wide variety of paths to explore whilst walking through Vulcan Park, there is no right or wrong route. Below are two example routes that we took however, if out with your children, the best idea is to follow their lead. They will most likely take you straight to the play area…. but be sure you also explore the surrounding wildlife meadow areas and playing fields. With so much to explore you could walk a different route each time you visit!

  • Route 1: This 0.5 mile route is accessible to all and an easy, gentle walk. We began this stroll from Princess Street, where there is free disc parking for one hour. We made our way along the wide, tarmac path until we reached the children’s play area. Having enjoyed a short play we then followed the path round to the basketball court – I must remember to bring a ball with me next time as there are many places to enjoy ball sports in this park. We then walked through a beautiful meadow area and enjoyed a look at both the Cenotaph and the statue commemorating all those who have died fighting for our country. This walk might be short in length but it has plenty for little ones to enjoy. We played hide and seek behind trees, enjoyed a play in the play area and finished our trip with a game of ‘Tig’ through the canopy of trees. This really is a wonderful park to enjoy some family time.
  • Route 2: This 0.4 mile route is similar to the route above. It is also accessible to all and an easy, gentle walk. This time we began our walk from Park Lane, again this is a disc parking zone. We entered the park and soon came to the bowling green on our left hand side – this started a great conversation between my children about what the game entails and who plays here. Again this walk is great for those with young children, it is traffic free and the paths are well maintained. We then decided to explore some of the paths towards the back of the park, these run adjacent to Workington Hospital, again sparking some great conversations about who might be inside the hospital today and how fortunate we are to be outside enjoying the fresh air! Having made it back to the car all of my children announced they would like to return to this park very soon but they wanted to bring their scooters next time! A lovely trip out with fun to be had for all ages.
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