The Dandy Line, Brampton: 


2.5 miles

Why we love this attraction

A perfect walk for children of all ages, suitable for little legs of the family. With trains to look out for, an exciting tunnel to walk through and plenty of muddy puddles to jump in this walk really does suit children of all ages!


Free roadside parking at Brampton train station, nearest postcode CA8 1HW.

hiking household

Train spotting!

Stunning woodlands.

Great excitement under the tunnel!

What to expect:

The Dandy Line is a walk along the old ‘Dandy’ railway line. We began our walk at Brampton railway station (postcode CA8 1HW) and you are able to walk along the footpath all the way to the centre of Brampton. If you turn right through the station gate, so that the railway is on your left hand side, then you are able to follow the footpath through the woods, pretty much straight to Brampton.

The first time we attempted this walk we had to turn back as we had our pram and it was VERY soft underfoot! I would suggest waiting for the harder ground before attempting this walk with a pram, and don’t forget your wellies!

This is a great walk for the little ones as there are trains to spot and plenty of trees to climb and animals to watch. It is safe, away from any passing traffic,  and the tunnel certainly caught my little ones attention!

We will definitely be back one weekend to enjoy a lovely family walk into Brampton to grab some lunch and then walk back.

hiking household