Thacka Beck Nature Reserve

Thacka Beck can be found off the Gilwilly Industrial Estate in Penrith. There is roadside parking on Bowerbank Way, postcode CA11 9BQ. This short loop of approximately 0.75 mile is a great walk for those wanting to stretch little legs. The route is pram, bike and scooter accessible.

We often scooter this route twice to make it a 1.5 mile loop.

It may only be a short walk but it provides plenty of entertainment- this week we found snails, slugs, a secret passage in the overgrown grass and spotted plenty of trains speed by. Our children don’t always need long, strenuous walks – sometimes none of us have the energy for that. Don’t be fooled by the photos, I too have days where my energy levels are low. This is when I love these shorter, accessible walks – we are still able to get out in the fresh air without hiking for miles.

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