Sale Fell is a little fell of about 2.4 miles, you can do it as a circular loop (like we did) or you could go down the same way you went up. It doesn’t matter which way round you walk but we tend to walk the slightly smaller path on the way up. This is so that the children can run all the way down through the huge grassy areas on the way back!

This walk is wonderful for little legs because it isn’t too steep. You are also able to park directly at the bottom of the Fell which helps. It took us about 2 hours 30 minutes to complete and that was with a lot of slow walking, a picnic stop and a very exciting game of ‘skidding down the hill’ which involved a lot of going up…and then coming back down again!

There is lay-by parking by Wythop Church, postcode CA13 9YW. From there you go through a gate onto a footpath that rises diagonally up the hill. You will soon come to a bench above Wythop St Margaret’s Church with views over Bassenthwaite Lake.

From here you can either take the path on your left to follow the path around the fell (this is the route I have taken). You could also continue up the hill and take the right hand side path, this then leads you directly up to the summit. Both are similar in distance.

I LOVE finding Fells that don’t have large cliff drops, it means I am not as worried for the children and therefore they have a far better time because they are allowed to play more freely on the hills! My two year old managed this walk without her carrier with only needing to be lifted up a handful of times. I managed with the baby carrier no problem with my youngest baby.

This is a short and simple walk but it is a lovely one for families, and it also ticks off another Wainwright!

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