The Rickerby Park Loop is one of my regular go to walks for many reasons: it is flat and great for all wheels/legs, the car park at the Sheepmount is free, and there is a great children’s park at the beginning, or end, depending when you want to use your bribe to get the kids round the 3 mile loop! It is local to the Carlisle area so a perfect route during lockdown rules! 

There are plenty of things to keep your children entertained during this walk – great hills for them to pick up speed on their bikes or scooters, a lovely river to throw stones in and sometimes there are a few cows to dodge!

There are many routes to enjoy when heading to Rickerby Park. Scroll to the bottom of this page where you will find two Strava maps of our favourite scooter friendly routes! The new tarmac path running from Rickerby Park to The Sands Centre is an excellent path for prams, bikes and scooters.

Please note there are two very small sections of the walk that require some caution: 

– going out of Bitts Park and past The Turf pub up to Trinity School, this short section sometimes has cars driving past so hand holding is a must for little ones! 

– coming out of Rickerby Park you are to go over Eden Bridge. This can be a very busy road and while there is a large pavement, and you are only on it for a very short time, I often disembark from any bikes or scooters and push them over this bridge. 

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