This is an extension to the Kingmoor North Nature Reserve. It is approximately 3.5 – 4 miles and I usually start at the North Nature Reserve, there is plenty of roadside parking near Kingmoor Park Enterprise. You could also park at the South Nature Reserve Car Park and walk the opposite way, this might suit families a little better as it’s easier unloading children, bikes and prams when there is an actual car park.

Kingmoor South Nature Reserve itself isn’t as pram/bike friendly at the moment as some of the ground is a little boggy – however, I did manage with one of my sons on his bike today and the pram. It just requires a little hard push every so often!

The woodlands are fantastic if your children enjoy exploring, wildlife and climbing trees! This is a nice easy, safe and sheltered walk – one that often comes in handy during the winter months! 

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