Miltonrigg Woods is just off the A69 near Brampton. It is a relatively short, circular route of approximately 1 mile. There is a slight gradient as you begin, and end, the route but after that it is a reasonably flat track. 

If you are in need of a sheltered walk then Miltonrigg is the one for you! Whether it be shelter from the sun, rain or wind this is the PERFECT place! During the summer of 2020 when my fourth child was only a few weeks old we had a very hot, sunny spell and I would regularly go to these woods for shelter from the sun, and heat.

hiking household

However, let’s be honest, we live ‘up North’ so we know our weather can often be very wet and windy which can make getting outdoors that bit harder – especially with little ones in tow! This is why I love this walk because not only does it keep you sheltered from the rain, it also protects you from the wind! 

The walk itself offers quite a few different routes. There is a free car park, and it is accessible for all prams and bikes, it isn’t the best terrain for scooters. This is actually one walk where my children much prefer to walk than use any of their wheels – this is because there is so much to explore!! They climb trees, run through the stream, pick up leaves … the list is endless! There is also a lovely little picnic bench on route, as well as some beautiful trees to sit under and provides a wonderful habitat for many animals – the children are always very excited if we spot a red squirrel! 

^ please note this is also a very dog friendly walk ?