Melbourne / Stoneyholme / Rickerby Loop:


Almost 6km (3.7 miles)

Why we love this walk 

Perfect for prams, this walk is right in the middle of Carlisle, yet you’re surrounded by green space almost the entire time. 

Why limit yourself to one park, when you can visit three at once?!

Starting in Melbourne Park, you’ll follow the River Peterill to Warwick Road. From there, you’ll wander along the edge of the lovely Stoneyholme golf course, which takes you to everyone’s favourite – Rickerby Park. Do as big or small a loop as you like of Rickerby, before returning through the golf course, and back down the opposite side of Melbourne Park.

The Clubhouse at Stoneyholme do takeaway coffees, or you can stop for a drink and a bite to eat (but be mindful of your 2 hour parking, if you chose to park in the disc zone!), and the Fellwater Coffee van is often parked up at the entrance to Rickerby Park.

For the littlest legs, it might be a bit far, but for older children, the walk offers river banks to splash about on, a bridge for Pooh-sticks, a playground in Melbourne Park, and lots of running around space in Rickerby Park.


There is a two hour disc zone at the Adelaide Street entrance to Melbourne Park

Melbourne Park

A pram friendly path throughout

The bridge heading to Rickerby Park

The Route:

Enter Melbourne park via the Adelaide Street gate, and take the left hand path just before the bridge, following the river along to Warwick Road, where you’ll exit the park. 

The next path into Stoneyholme is across the road, directly opposite the Melbourne park exit, but you might want to turn right to use the crossing a little further up the road.

Take the footpath that leads on from Thirlwell Avenue until you meet the golf course. Continue in the direction you were heading, cross over the bridge and continue on the footpath keeping the river to your left. As you near the clubhouse, take a left over the bridge into the car park and head into Rickerby Park via the suspension bridge.

You can take any route you fancy once you reach Rickerby Park but we like to take a left  and follow the river up to the top car park and back down the footpath towards the cenotaph.

When you leave Rickerby Park, head back the way you came through Stoneyholme. At Warwick Road, take a left and head for Premier Inn. Head down Walkmill Crescent until you reach the accessible entrance to Melbourne Park, where you’ll finish your walk.

The gate leading into Rickerby Park

Rickerby Park

Returning to Melbourne Park

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