The Fairy Steps, Milnthorpe:

This lovely, two mile, woodland walk can be found close to Milnthorpe in South Cumbria. There are many routes you can take to find the fairy steps, one of which is starting at Beetham Village and heading up Beetham Fell before reaching the fairy steps. However, on this occasion we had a few tired legs so we opted to begin at Cockshot Lane. This circular route is easy to follow and the terrain is flat – although watch out for the tree roots! There is lay-by parking on Cockshot Lane, the nearest postcode is LA7 7JN.

Starting point of the walk.

Woodland Walk

Follow the signs!

A short, enjoyable family walk!

For those local to the area this is a great walk on those wet and wild days! The trees offer great shelter from the elements and there is so much for little ones to explore.

The route that we took can be found on the Strava map below, it is an easy to follow public footpath with plenty of signs to help you along the way.

The Fairy Steps can be found half way through this walk – they caused great excitement amongst my little ones! These narrow, steep steps are the only climb on this walk. The tale goes that if you climb the steps without touching the sides then the fairies will grant your wish.

Good luck trying – we couldn’t even fit our backpack through! We had to get our youngest out and come back for the carrier. This caused even more excitement.

This really is a wonderfully exciting walk for children of younger ages.

The bottom of the Fairy Steps.

A very short climb to the top.

Too narrow for the backpack!

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