Eamont Bridge to Lowther

This 3 to 5 mile route is a fantastic walk for those with older children who enjoy being on their bikes! The distance of this walk depends on where you park and whether you walk all the way to Lowther. On this occasion I was with my two youngest children so we decided to get dropped off closer to the entrance of Lowther Holiday Park, saving us about 1 mile of walking.

If you are unable to get dropped off at the holiday park entrance then there is lay-by parking as you enter Eamont Bridge, over the road from the entrance to Lowther Holiday Park, postcode CA10 2JB. From here you walk approximately 1 mile towards the Lowther Holiday Park, be careful for cars on this road. On arrival at the park you continue through the barrier and up past the playground on your right. Shortly after this you will reach a gate to enter into the forest, from here you will see a map and you can decide which route you would like to take ? There is so much to explore, you could head to Lowther Castle or Askham and link with some other of our walks in this area.

On this occasion we walked towards Lowther, stopping when we reached a small pocket of water for a paddle and some lunch, before heading back towards Eamont Bridge. If I had my older children with me we would have certainly continued on towards Lowther Castle.

A lovely 3 mile walk that is pushchair and bike friendly. A great walk for the whole family, you could also drop the older children off at Lowther Holiday Park to bike up and meet you at @lowthercastle ? The only difficulty with this walk is the parking however, as I mentioned, if you have younger ones that you think might struggle with the walk you could drop off at the entrance to the Holiday Park instead.

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