Dalston is a large village approximately four miles south west of Carlisle.

The route that we took through Dalston was approximately 1.6 miles long, there are plenty of places to explore within Dalston but I find this route works for us, mainly because it incorporates a play at Dalston play park. This is a must when visiting Dalston, and a great way of getting the children to complete the walk – a promise of a picnic and play at the park always works a treat!

There are some wonderful facilities within Dalston including a Co-op, a church, a village hall and a play park. There are also some lovely food establishments – a butchers and a great baguette shop!

This circular walk is mainly on pavements, flat tarmac and quiet lanes and is therefore pram, and bike/scooter, accessible. There is plenty of parking within the village of Dalston, we tend to use The Green parking opposite the Co-op. At times the walk runs close to the River Caldew, providing more entertainment! Not to mention the cows and horses to see too!

Overall, it is a fabulous walk for little ones. The loop that I have taken here does involve walking on a pavement, next to the road, for a short time. If you have slightly wild bikers, scooters and walkers (like I do!) then you may prefer to retrace your steps back once reaching The Mill in order to avoid this. That being said I have always managed ok – when I don’t have all four with me that is!

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