The Cummersdale Cycle Path is a brilliant 5 mile bike/scooter/walk, especially when you are solo parenting, as there is zero traffic. It is safe and pram friendly. The boys love it as they can cycle on ahead and go ‘super speedy’ and it is nice and flat for my 2 year old to scooter along. This walk is also one of my favourites as I always feel like I have had a good amount of exercise at the end of it ? There is off road parking at the start of this walk, if you go through Cummersdale and down the hill it is at the bottom near the River Caldew, behind The Stead McAlpin Factory. 

hiking household

We usually bike to Dalston, about 2.2 miles from the Cummersdale entrance, and enjoy a little picnic and play on the park before retracing our steps and returning back. The fantastic thing about this walk is that you can just go as far as you would like, if your little legs can’t manage all the way to Dalston there are still plenty of things to see along the cycle path – it runs along the River Caldew and the railway line so there are plenty of things to entertain small children.