This public footpath turned out to be a lovely little find! If you head towards @eden_valley_glamping the footpath is on the left hand side as you are heading south. The nearest postcode is CA4 9SY, don’t forget all walks that are posted on this website link to the Strava map to give a full breakdown of the walk and location – in case you are ever struggling to find the location of the walks, scroll to the bottom to find the Strava map.

We found a train track, bluebells, trees to climb and a VERY full river to walk beside on our explore yesterday morning! This walk is not pram accessible and the ground was very boggy in parts due to this lovely British weather.

This is another great wet weather walk as the trees give you great protection from the wind and the rain. There are plenty of footpaths close by and we are looking forward to being able to explore a little more when our eldest can join us too!

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