Combcrag Wood, Brampton.

This is such a fantastic walk for those who enjoy water, a few steep climbs, exploring muddy paths and learning a little about Hadrian’s Wall! There are plenty of walks around this area, the website walk4life has some fantastic routes leaving from CombCrag Wood to either Wallholme or Chapelburn. We are yet to do these walks but I am sure we will!

We park on the roadside near to Coombe Crag Farm, nearest postcode CA8 2BU.

From here you follow the path all the way down a relatively steep hill into the wood, this is not pram friendly and can be quite strenuous at times. We completed a 1.6 mile route which includes a few steep hills however, if you wanted a relatively easier walk you could walk all the way down to the river, throw some stones in and enjoy the water, and then retrace your steps back to your car.

The location really is fantastic – it is sheltered from the elements and it is on the Hadrian’s Wall path. My children are so interested in Hadrian’s Wall at the moment and my eldest keeps showing a real interest in walking it… maybe soon?!

This is a lovely walk for those wanting a little explore and change of scenery! Sometimes all my kids want to do is splash in some puddles and get muddy, this is the perfect walk for both of those!

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