Clay Hurley Bank Wood

This lovely, short walk is near to the village of Little Corby in Carlisle. There is lay-by parking on the A69, on the left hand side as you are heading towards Brampton. Nearest postcode that I could find: CA4 8QA.

This route is not pram accessible. It is a wonderful walk for when the weather is slightly wet as you have great coverage from the trees. There is also plenty for the children to explore, we found some great tree swings that the children played on for hours!

A nice, easy walk to get your children outside without needing to walk for miles!

* TOP TIP: to stop the eldest getting bored (he prefers the mountain walks) we have started taking some toys along with us on our shorter walks. You can see on this walk we took paper aeroplanes and the boys LOVED it. They played so lovely together throwing the planes in and out of the trees…. no whinging too.

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