Blencathra Base

This two mile, out and back route is situated in the Lake District Cumbria. The walk could be extended if the little legs of your family could manage. This route is also off road pram friendly, making it an ideal walk for the whole family to enjoy.

Parking can be found at the postcode CA12 4SG. This free car park can be found just above Blencathra Field Studies Centre (FSC). Please be careful as the road up to this car park can get a little hairy at times.

Having parked at the free car park you then take the path directly in front of you (picture one). The path is a wide, flat path that is pram friendly. There are lots of walks that begin at this car park so do take note! When the weather improves we will use this car park to walk Blencathra as it is an easier route for those little legs.

Having joined the path the route is extremely simple – you follow this path until your little legs get tired. You then turn round and retrace your steps ?. The views on this walk are truly breathtaking. There aren’t many routes that are so simple to follow and also offer such incredible views of the mountains. You really do feel as though you are in the heart of the Lake District with your whole family.

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