What to expect on this walk:

Lay-by parking. 



Binsey is one of the smaller Wainwright’s and is a great starter fell for younger children. The terrain is a wide grassy path and there are no cliff edges which is essential for me when walking with my two year old. It is easily managed, with the occasional boggy section. The summit is marked by a small stone cairn and it is reached in just under 1 mile. At the summit I would recommend those with younger children turn back, this is what we do! However, there are plenty of longer routes that you could take that also allow you to tick off a few other Wainwright’s in the process!

There is limited amount of parking in the lay-by next to where this walk starts but if you get there early and you can grab a space then it is ideal as the walk begins immediately through the wooden gate next to the parking. This was a saviour for us today in the wet weather – the kids could get undressed and straight into a warm car after getting drenched!

Wainwright described the view at the top of Binsey as being “of outstanding merit”…. as you can see from our photos the weather wasn’t on our side today but we will certainly be back on a clear day so that we can see the views, we hear that you can see the Isle of Man on a good day!

There is also a play park and pub in the village of Uldale, 2.5 miles from Binsey – it was far too wet for us to make use of this today!