Whitehaven Harbour:

This beautiful coastal walk begins at The Beacon Museum where you can find a Pay & Display car park. Postcode CA28 7LY.

From here you take the path up towards The Candlestick. At the time of writing (8th April 2022) there is construction work taking place along the harbour making the pram friendly path up to The Candlestick inaccessible. However, we still managed with our off road pram as there are only a few steps to tackle.

Please note the beginning of this walk is extremely steep so please take care.

Please note: Tale Trails offers an easy to follow map and story of this route, you can pick a free copy up at The Beacon Museum. You are also able to find a copy on their website, click here to be directed.

Whitehaven Harbour

The incredible mining history

Steps leading to The Candlestick, there is an accessible route alternative

Route map


With the Beacon Museum on your left,  head up towards The Candlestick (see photo 3 & 6). Here you will see a steep hill to tackle, having walked up this rather tricky section, you will soon come to a flat, easy to manage path. The views along this path are breathtaking. The path along the coast line is well marked, and easy to follow. My children loved exploring all of the hidden sculptures in the rock face, as well as searching out to sea for the Fairy rock and Tom Hurd’s rock, two of the landmarks mentioned in the Tale Trails map and story!

Having reached the coastline path, you are now able to walk for as long as you would like before turning back and retracing your steps. Look out for the incredible mining history along this walk, you can see the Haig Pit and there are plenty of information boards dotted along the walk.

This really is a wonderful walk with incredible views, although the beginning of the walk can be tricky with a pram the remaining route is really worth the effort.

Don’t forget to check out www.taletrails.co.uk for a lovely child friendly map and story of Whitehaven Harbour. The story of The Cormorants Tale explains the route beautifully, allowing your children to stop and hunt out the hidden history behind this walk. If you wanted to expand this walk you could take the cliff top walk to Barrowmouth Bay, a further 3 km beyond Fairy Rock.

The Haig Pit

The Candlestick

West Cumbria Coastline

Tale Trails Map

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