Stockghyll Force:

Please note Laura and her four children have not walked this walk, photos and words from @whereronniewalked:
We’ve been wanting to come visit Stockghyll Force for a while. This was a perfect short walk for puppy and Ronnie to explore!
And wow! What a walk! For such a small walk (1 mile round trip from the middle of Ambleside to the falls) it’s full of little paths, viewing points, pools to dip into and trees to climb. We’ll definitely be back for this one. It took us 45mins to walk (that’s with stops for Lola, Ronnie to play etc) however we could easily have spent longer there.

The route:

The walk starts just past the Salutation Hotel and is signposted right from the road. Can’t go wrong, just follow the path and crowds ?.

Postcode to the Salutation Hotel: LA22 9BX.

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