What a wonderful find while exploring Northumberland! This unique piece of public art is set within a community park offering up to four miles of footpaths. It can be found next to the town of Cramlington, in Northumberland, just North of Newcastle. Postcode: NE23 8AU.

There is a free car park on site, as well as a visitor centre and cafe. The country park, woodland trail and landscape sculpture is open each day during daylight hours. The Visitor Centre, Café and Toilets are currently open Monday – Sunday from 10:00 – 17:00. For up to date information please see the Northumberlandia website, this can be accessed here.

Woodland Trail.

Woodland Trail.

All terrain pushchair friendly!

The viewing mound.


There are multiple routes to enjoy while visiting Northumberlandia. The first trail that we explored was the short, yet exciting, Woodland Trail. This trail is fantastic for younger children, there were rubbing disks along the route as well as carvings, woodland tables and a story telling area. This is a lovely way to start your Northumberlandia adventure.

Having completed this short, all terrain pushchair friendly, route you can then continue on to explore The Lady of the North. This is a unique piece of art made of 1.5 million tonnes of rock, clay and soil. This human landform sculpture is of a reclining lady and my children thought this was fantastic!

There is no right, or wrong, way of exploring this sculpture. There are many suggested walking routes, with plenty of signs throughout the walk. You could opt for a quick look, or a walk around the outside, both of these routes are fully accessible. We, of course, opted for the ‘Taking her all in’ route; a 2.1km route exploring all of the mounds, paths and hills. The children had the BEST time, they thought it was hilarious when they reached the top and could see the lady’s face in the ground.

A unique way to spend a morning – a memory the children won’t forget!

Suggested Walking Routes.

The Lady of the North.

The ‘Taking Her All In’ route.

The view at the top!

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