Lacy’s Caves, Little Salkeld, Penrith.

This was a wonderful little find – it is not too far from Penrith and there is a lay-by that you are able to park in on the road between Glassonby and Kirkoswald. The route is not pram friendly and so it would be hard to manage as a solo parent, unless you’re children were a little older. The track runs along the River Eden, and some sections do get a little close and have some quite steep drops. I was fortunate that we found this route while my husband was home and we were able to have two baby carriers on the go.

The children thought this was the BEST adventure! They loved the muddy path, the obstacles to get over, and the caves themselves! It was a really wonderful day out. We could have explored further if we had had time – there is another walk called Long Meg and Her Daughters that we are yet to explore… we need my husband to return from working offshore before we can try the less pram friendly routes!

Overall I would highly recommend this walk if you have little explorers who enjoy an adventure!

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