High Stand

We LOVE this walk! It is always such a nice change when we walk here, every time we visit we seem to choose a different route!

The nearest postcode that we use is CA4 9PR, Peter Gate. There is a very small car park at the entrance to where we usually begin. This is on the right hand side just after the crossroads.

These photos are from when we visited in the snow and ice, I had my husband home on this visit so we left the pram behind and explored on foot through all of the small, woodland tracks!

It always feels so mystical up here, the children love to explore and are often finding all sorts of wildlife. The last time we visited we even saw a red squirrel ?

This walk is part of the Forestry England Woodland Walks. High Stand is a working forest and therefore some trails can be closed at times due to forest operations, or damage caused by recent storms. For all up to date information on the trails at High Stand please access the Forestry England website here.

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