Hayton Wood is a fantastic walk to do when the weather is wet and miserable! My children love these woods as there is so much to explore – they can climb trees, collect sticks, roll down hills and their highlight is watching out for the tractor and the pheasants- they could play here for hours! In fact we often don’t need to walk very far as the children have so much fun just exploring the woods!

The route that we take is approximately 1.2 miles long, there is roadside parking and I personally feel this walk is not pram accessible. There is a slight hill at the beginning and the terrain is rather muddy and boggy in places! Hayton Wood is located just outside the village of Hayton, ten miles East of the City of Carlisle. 

There are SO many fantastic routes that you could take while exploring Hayton Wood and I cannot wait to explore further when we have more time. We saw signposts that led to Towtop and Gelt Wood (another family favourite) so you have plenty of options to take your walk much further. Alternatively you can stay very close to the entrance and let your children enjoy the outdoors! 

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