Sometimes kids just want to play, and that’s ok’ This post is just a little reminder that you don’t always have to walk for miles and miles with your children to get the benefits of being outside! These photos were taken when I had decided to take them to Keswick for a circular walk but on arrival nobody was in the mood! So we switched our plans and went straight to the park for some fun!

You are able to park on the roadside for two hours and there is a lovely little cafe in Lower Fitz Park where we bought ourselves some ice cream.

The park itself is wonderful, it has a lot of equipment suitable for all ages and Keswick cricket ground is directly behind it – this always provides great entertainment for my children if there happens to be a cricket match being played at the time ?

You are able to walk the perimeter of this park, to get your steps in, without having to actually take your kids for a ‘proper walk’ as my little ones would say!

Interesting side note – there is a public swimming pool next to this park which is also fantastic if you wanted to extend your fun.

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