Dodd – 7/214 for the children!

Wow!! This was definitely our hardest walk to date! In the words of my eldest child “that was a world record!” It certainly felt like a long, hard slog of uphill walking! I am still in shock that my nearly three year old managed the whole way without needing carried!! Wainwright number seven for the children.

We began this walk at Dodd Wood car park, postcode CA12 4QE. This is a pay on exit car park which I always find far better as you never know how long some of these walks will take with little legs.

It was so lovely to see the coffee shop open again and people sat outside ? Dodd Wood is a wonderful place for a family day out, you can also tie it in with a trip to @mirehouse – a Manor House and gardens/park.

There are plenty of different routes that you are able to take, some longer than others. Naturally we took the longest route and headed towards Dodd Summit. It was SO worth it for the breathtaking views and of my 2 year old can manage I am sure more families could manage than they may think… don’t get me wrong there was some tears, a lot of bribes and some well deserved hot chocolate at the top courtesy of the children’s Grandma.

Overall, this is a fabulous family friendly day out with lots to see and many different walks to explore. Much of it is hidden under trees and so it would be an ideal walk for when the weather is perhaps a little wet! We shall be back very soon to try a shorter route ?

*Please note some websites state that an all terrain pushchair could possibly manage this walk, I would find it incredibly difficult to do this and so going on my personal experience I would say it is a baby carrier walk.*

This walk is part of the Forestry England Woodland Walks. Dodd Wood is a working forest and therefore some trails can be closed at times due to forest operations, or damage caused by recent storms. For all up to date information on the trails at Dodd Wood please access the Forestry England website here.

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