Campfield Marsh Nature Reserve

If you are looking for an easy, free and fun day out with the kids then this is a great place! The postcode is CA7 5AG and the nature reserve is right next to the marsh… anything that involves water is always a hit with us!

It is about 15 miles west of Carlisle so do please adhere to local lockdown rules dependent where you are situated. There is a small car park at the beginning of the walk and the routes are clearly signposted and marked throughout. We followed the blue route which was approximately 1.5 miles.

The children had such a great time here as there is plenty for them to explore throughout the walk: a bug hotel, a discovery zone, a bird buffet and a troll peeping out under the bridge! These may seem like small things but my children LOVED them.

A lovely little morning of fresh air and fun and I would highly recommend to families with young children.

Directions: RSPB Campfield Marsh, Wigtown CA7 5AG.

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