Blengdale Forest, Seascale:

Please note Laura and her four children have not walked this walk, photos and words from @whereronniewalked:

Blengdale Forest is one of our favourite places, we always feel like we’re in a different country when we walk around here. It is especially pretty in Autumn.

We didn’t do the full 3.4 mile loop this morning, instead we chose an out and back route, which ended up being 2 miles. Some paths in this forest are all terrain pushchair friendly, as well as cycle friendly!

Parking for the forest is in a lay-by just on the outskirts of the forest, right by the river. Nearest postcode: CA20 1EB.

The route:

See picture 2 for the map of our route.

Follow the river and cross the bridge, you can then choose to do the loop clockwise or anti clockwise, both routes end up back at the bridge. We always go clockwise, and took the left hand path which leads you gently up the forest track with the river on your left. We turned around not long after crossing the next bridge. However you can continue up a quite steep, but short, hill. You then turn right at the top and loop back down through the forest. Views at the top are amazing over the tree tops.

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