* Round The Bend *

This walk has the best name! We trialed this walk for the first time yesterday and I’m very glad I had my Mum with me as what we thought was a pram friendly walk turned out to have quite a few steps! It’s absolutely fine if you have two adults with you to help bump the pram down/up the few steps but if I had been on my own I would have struggled! That being said the walk is short, and easy, enough to do with a baby in a carrier so for next time I’ll ditch the pram. I found this walk in a book titled ‘pram friendly walks’ but it was published in 2011, before the 2015 floods so the paths are now worn and hence the steps!

The walk itself was wonderful! It is relatively short so the children managed fine and it has everything you could possibly need – a car park, a children’s park at the beginning/end of the walk, exciting woodlands to explore, plenty of places for refreshments and the River Eden to throw a few stones in if the kiddies start to get a little restless. This would also be a great walk for when the weather gets cooler, and wetter! There are plenty of sheltered areas to walk within the woods and if all else fails there is a fantastic swimming pool (pre booking required) right next to the car park! I am always looking for weather resistant walks for the winter so I am looking forward to trying this one again soon.