So here we are… again! Lockdown: no school, my husband is offshore and we are not allowed to travel for exercise. The rules are clear –  ‘Stay Local’. What can we do? 

I thought that I would group together some of the local Carlisle walks so, for those that live in Carlisle, you are able to access them with ease. I hope this makes it a little easier rather than having to scroll through so many of my other walks! I won’t lie, I am missing the Lake District. I am missing planning our new adventures, and finding new and exciting places to share with you all. However, we have all the time in the world for that – surely I will be able to document some wonderful walks and share them with you all this Summer?! For now, we shall do as we are told to keep everyone safe and stay local. In fact you might even find yourself pleasantly surprised with the hidden gems that you have right on your doorstep. 


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The first Lockdown of March 2020 forced me to explore what was right outside my front door, and what fun we had! So much so that The Hiking Household idea began! I know how difficult it can be working from home, home schooling, juggling housework and mundane daily tasks. I know that I, personally, looked forward to our daily exercise during the first Lockdown. It became the highlight of our day, the focal point in fact! I really do hope that you can feel motivated enough this time round to make it your focal point too! There are plenty of days where you won’t feel like venturing outside, when the weather isn’t great, or the children are not in great moods. However, I can quite honestly say that there has never been a time where I have returned from one of our walks and I have felt worse for it. Yes, I get plenty of days where I cannot be bothered, or when the children are all moaning or crying, but the key is to power through. Without this break in your day, and the opportunity to get some fresh air, your mental well being can quickly deteriorate.

I hope the list below helps to motivate you to give a new local route a try, or maybe even revisit an old route. I know walking through some of my old Lockdown routes has stirred up a lot of mixed emotions!

hiking household
  • North and South Kingmoor Nature Reserve – great for rainy days, mostly sheltered by trees. North Kingmoor route is particularly good for bikes, scooters and prams!
  • The Sheepmount, Rickerby Park Loop – flat, green, close to the river to throw stones in and can include a trip to Bitts Park if you felt it was quiet and safe to do. Perfect for prams, bikes and scooters!
  • The Sheepmount, Train Loop – again, perfect for bikes, scooters and prams. Brilliant to break the day up and show your little ones the trains that go by. 
  • Cummersdale to Dalston Cycle Path – perfect for older children on their bikes, this is a slightly longer walk which is sometimes needed to burn off any excess energy! 
  • Wetheral to Great Corby – a brilliant pram walk for those local to these villages. Plenty to explore, pram accessible.
  • Chances Park – short, easy, pram accessible walk with a park if you felt comfortable using it. A great place for a quick half an hour outside if you weren’t feeling a long walk.
  • Hammonds Pond – a short, easy walk that, again, includes a park dependant on how you felt and how busy it seemed. Pram accessible and a small bmx track for little ones to use. 
  • Engine Lonning – this is a brilliant walk for those who are situated close by, especially if you didn’t have a pram as you could then explore much further and head down towards the River Eden. 
  • Hadrian’s Wood – such a great circular route close to the centre of Carlisle. There is plenty to see on this walk and it would be a great one to do if the weather was a little wet as the trees provide good shelter. 
  • Petteril Valley – a lovely green space south of the City of Carlisle. Pram, bike and scooter accessible. This is a brilliant walk if you were this side of town and provides multiple walking routes.

I really do hope that by reminding you of what you have on your doorstep it can help you, and your family, to get outside a little more and allow you to enjoy your local surroundings! It really is amazing what you can find right on your doorstep – and you will honestly be surprised at how much better you all feel after spending a little time in the fresh air! Please do remember to stick to ALL Lockdown rules, stay local to where you live and keep your distance at all times :). 

hiking household