Setmurthy Woods:

Please note Laura and her four children have not walked this walk, photos and words from @whereronniewalked:

Setmurthy Woods is a place where you can take lots of paths but really can’t get lost! It can be found just off the road inbetween Cockermouth and Embleton. Parking is alongside the road, and free. Nearest postcode: CA13 9SQ. Setmurthy is a lovely woodland cared for by Forestry England.
For our first trip we stayed mainly to the fire roads, but did do a bit of wandering along the paths and trails made by walkers and mountain bikers. We didn’t pass many walkers, but we did come across quite a few mountain bikers. Do watch out on the small single tracks as they go quite fast!


Ronnie has his wellies on for this walk (much to his delight!) which meant we covered only a small distance but spent lots of time jumping in puddles and walking in tiny streams… in total we spent an hour here and covered 1.8miles. We could walked much further than this, it is a lovely place for a family wander where you have the flexibility to choose many different routes to explore. Setmurthy also offers an enjoyable gravel forest road link which often sees horse riders access.

This walk is part of the Forestry England Woodland Walks. Setmurthy is a working forest and therefore some trails can be closed at times due to forest operations, or damage caused by recent storms. For all up to date information on the trails at Setmurthy please access the Forestry England website here.

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