Scotby ➡️ Wetheral

This is such a brilliant walk! It is local, has so much for the children to explore and makes a nice change of scenery for us adults!

The walk itself is approximately 2 miles long however, you could extend the walk much further if you wanted to walk all the way into Wetheral. Equally if you were starting at Plains Road, you could extend further to walk up into Scotby village.

For this review we began at Scotby, we parked on the roadside just close to the entrance of the walk. The start point is marked by a public footpath signpost, a stile and a small bridge to walk under.

The path is extremely easy to follow, there are regular markers and it really is just a straight line. You walk through Carlisle golf course, please adhere to all the rules (there are clear signs). Although the club has been closed for some time so it has been very quiet on our recent walks!

If you were to start from the Wetheral side there is roadside parking under the trees on Plain Road and again you will see a public footpath sign for Scotby and a gate.

This really is a lovely, easy and safe walk that my children always love! There are so many ways to walk this walk, or to extend your route. Who knows we may even be able to enjoy a picnic on the village green very soon!

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