Wainwright 6/214 for the four children.

Little Mell Fell.

A lovely little Wainwright, at only 1.4 miles it is very manageable for little legs. However, there are steep sections at time so be careful! We parked directly next to the start of the climb up, nearest postcode CA11 0LS. I find the closer you can park to the start the less chance the children have to get bored, and the less miles they have to climb!

Route: You cannot go wrong with this route, it is quite literally up and then back down again. The path is well worn so you can clearly see where you need to be heading. Whilst there are steep sections, at times, our three year old managed with ease. The walk back down was A LOT of fun for my small children – the grassy path meant that they were able to run and then slide down on their bottoms, what better way to travel! A lovely wainwright walk to complete with family.

They really enjoyed this walk as it felt like more of a challenge for them. There was some scrambling at times and some ‘I’m puffed’ comments! They all made it to the top though and naturally LOVED running all the way down again. It is worth the climb just so they can run free to the bottom again!

A nice, quick and easy walk with some breathtaking views!

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