Hadrian’s Wood: This circular walk follows an earth trod path through Hadrian’s and Knowefield woods, returning via a quiet road. The terrain can get very muddy when wet so I decided to use the baby carrier – although the pram probably could manage. 

There is roadside parking at the turning point at the end of Beech Grove, here you are able to enter the woodland at the Hadrian’s Wood sign. There is the option to extend this walk however, for our little legs we stuck to the shorter 1 mile loop.

This is an excellent walk if the weather is wet or windy as you are sheltered by the trees. The paths do get muddy so be careful if the weather is particularly wet. There is so much for the little ones to explore in these woods – we found blackberries, red berries, trees to climb and the highlight was seeing the cows on Tarraby Lane Path! 

Overall, this is a lovely short walk in the centre of Carlisle that filled in a wet afternoon!

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