Flat Fell:

Please note Laura and her four children have not walked this walk, photos and words from @whereronniewalked:

Flat fell is one of my go to routes for a quick trail/fell run, and with it being not too far, or high, we decided to take Ronnie one sunny Saturday morning.
Parking is at Nannycatch, a small parking area on Nannycatch Road (nearest postcode CA23 3ER) there is space for around 6 vehicles. Weekends can get busy with dog walkers and mountain bikers.

The route:

The Route we take is an anti-clockwise one. Go through the gate and down into the valley, along the rocky trail for just over a mile until you come to the path leading off to the left, or through a gate to the right.

Take the path on your left and follow this until you see a left turn. Follow the path on the left which shortly leads to a rocky uphill.

Continue uphill until you come to the top of the fell… the route now is a grassy path, and quite boggy on the top, so make sure your shoes are on tight or you might lose them!

The grassy path takes you over the top and then down the side of the fell, where you pick up the rocky trail you initially started on. Go right at the bottom of the hill and follow the path back to the car park. 2.9miles, done!

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