Engine Lonning


1 mile, or less.

Why we like this walk:

This is a great space for younger children, away from the road and a safe enough distance from the River Eden. This walk is perfect for when the weather is a little wet as you are covered well by trees. We often come here if the children want to have a little explore, but don’t want to go on a long walk. The walk is just under 1 mile, when following the pram accessible path (route one on our Strava map below). For a slightly longer walk you could take the steps on either side of the footpath to walk further along the River Eden/Hadrian’s Wall path. 

Engine Lonning sits to the west of Carlisle City Centre, next to the River Eden. Postcode CA2 7LN leads you towards the entrance of Engine Lonning. There is plenty of available street parking just off Newtown Road.

If you didn’t need pram access you could extend this walk for miles as Engine Lonning sits along the line of Hadrian’s Wall. The footpaths take you along the Hadrian’s Wall path, heading towards the City you would eventually come out at The Sheepmount. You could join this Engine Lonning with ‘The Sheepmount Train Loop’ walk that I have previously reviewed. (Click here to view this walk).

My kids love to run, play, climb trees and explore all the wonderful nature in these woods! They love to watch the River Eden below them and you can often see the cows on the other side of the river. It is an easy, yet exciting, walk for very little legs!

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