This flat and easy walk around the lake is a fantastic walk for all of the family. As you can see we completed this four mile walk with our all terrain pushchair. However, I must make you aware that there are three short sections where it is incredibly tricky with the pram and if I had not been with another adult I don’t think it would’ve been possible. The difficult sections are on the path between Buttermere and Gatesgarth, running adjacent to the B5289. There are two kissing gates that are too small for pushchairs, a little annoying, but between two adults we managed to lift the pram over the gate. The final difficult section is just before you head under the cave (picture 4). Here it gets a little rocky but again we did manage and I am sure, if you had more than one adult, you would also make it!

The route:

You are able to begin this 4.2 mile walk at Buttermere Village or Gatesgarth. For this walk we decided to begin at Gatesgarth car park: CA13 9XA, £4 Pay & Display. From here we walked clockwise around the lake. Picture 1 shows the start of our walk, be warned we had to pass some scary looking cows. The path is a mixture of terrain valley lanes, farm paths and lakeside single tracks. There is a very short section where you have to walk on the roadside. The all terrain pram managed the first 3 miles of this walk with ease.

Some families may prefer to park at Buttermere Village and begin the clockwise route around the lake from there. The village offers cafes, restrooms and a place to stop for ice cream! Our reason behind starting at Gatesgarth is that the trickier part of the walk is between Buttermere and Gatesgarth and with small children we find it works better if we have the hardest part of the walk near the end!

It really is personal preference as to which way you go round. Whichever route you take this walk will prove a lovely day out for all of your family.

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